Owning Your Spirituality

To all the cool peeps out there who think that God is uncool!

By Elena Lapina

Why is it that so many people avoid talking about God? Is it because they are afraid? Or is it because it is just not a cool thing to do nowadays? People might think you are a weirdo or, worse, a member of some kind of a cult…

But what is it in this word that makes us uncomfortable? What meaning do we attach to it that makes it so ‘uncool’? What comes to mind when I say God? I bet you’re thinking of church, religion, priests, nuns, old naive people, middle age crisis, etc. Do you cringe when I say ‘God loves you’?

What if I say ‘spirituality’ instead? A bit more palatable? Or how about ‘Universal Intelligence’? Sounds a bit safer, doesn’t it? But whatever you call it, the bottom line is we still feel a bit uneasy about it… for various reasons… But the truth is spirituality is the essence of who we are. We are all spiritual beings whether we are aware of it or not. When we ignore or deny that, we suffer because we deny our true nature.

I’m sure you all have your own opinion about that which is absolutely fine. Everyone is entitled to make up their own mind about it. What I want to do though is to share what I’ve come to realise and what I’ve learnt from my own experience of spirituality. If that resonates, great! If not, that’s ok too, take what you need and continue on.

I grew up in an atheistic communist Russia. None of my parents or close family were into God or religion at all, apart from my paternal grandmother who quietly continued to perform various religious rituals and attended church from time to time. In a way I think it was a blessing in disguise. I didn’t have much religious conditioning and wasn’t forced to believe anything or do anything in relation to God or religion. However I remember being quite curious about it in my early years. I even found a small Bible book for kids. I can’t remember where I got it from but I remember I enjoyed reading it very much. Life was pretty hard in those times; my parents struggled to make ends meet. I don’t remember much from those years; it seems my mind decided not to keep painful memories of struggle. But I do remember a sense of inspiration I got from reading that small book.

Then I grew up. Life became busy. There was a lot to achieve. I made plans, worked hard and followed my dreams. I achieved everything I had wanted to achieve. I got a degree, moved overseas, built my career, was in a long-term relationship and purchased my first home. On the surface I had a perfect life and had fulfilled my dreams. But underneath all of that I was unhappy. Something was missing. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was so I came up with a few stories and excuses. Then I got to the point where I couldn’t do it any more. I needed a change.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This was certainly the case with me. A phase of learning and transformation began. I met some incredible people and read some amazing books. I learnt about spirituality, yoga, tantra, energy healing, crystals, reiki, law of attraction, higher self, angels, ascended masters, chakras, miracles, the power of gratitude, meditation, etc. I was really curious about it all and hungry to learn more. I immersed myself fully and without reservations. It was time of revelations and epiphanies. Not all of it was easy but the results were always worth it. I felt I had finally found the missing piece!

So what did I learn? Call it whatever you like, God, Spirit, Universal Intelligence, Source, Energy, Awakening, Enlightenment, but it is here and it is real. Embracing it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. When you are fully aligned with it, you experience the most profound feelings of lasting joy, love and happiness, not dependant on external circumstances or other people. You begin to understand how the world works and see your place, mission and purpose in it.

I think it is time that we removed old conditioning and outdated stereotypes out of the meaning of God and infused it with new ideas and inspiration. Spirituality is not about going to church once a week. It is about being aligned to your truth, passion, joy, love and happiness. Once you’ve released old conditioning and are fully aligned to your truth you can’t help but radiate that out to the rest of the world.

So what does spirituality and connection to God/ Source/ the Universe actually feel like? It is hard to explain… It’s one of those things you’ve got to experience to understand fully. The best way I can describe it is you feel very supported and connected to something bigger than you and to all things. You experience pure bliss, love, kindness and compassion. It is like falling in love with all living things, with nature, the whole world and life itself. You find inner peace and have a very deep understanding and inner knowing that all that matters is love and love is all there is. You become lighter, more in the flow and unaffected by external circumstances. Spirituality is not about worshiping some external deity. It is about realising that God / Spirit is in you. You are the Creation and the Creator and are connected to all there is. When you are realise this, you ‘plug into’ the Universe and experience a feeling of expansion. It is like returning home…

Sounds pretty cool, hey?… But how do we get there?…

There is no one way but lots of different ways and you may need to try a few of them. And I am not talking about drugs here (although certain drugs can give you a feeling of euphoria temporarily). I’m talking about ways to achieve a lasting feeling of peace, contentment and happiness without any negative side effects.

Be open-minded, curious, willing and committed to your growth and the perfect way/teacher will come at the perfect time. We are living in very interesting times. Spiritual awakening is happening all around us. More and more people are shedding the old ways of living and thinking, becoming aligned to their truth and start to own their spiritual nature. I have found my path through yoga, meditation and energy healing. But there are many other ways. I could offer you advice but only you will know what’s right for you. Choose what resonates with you and commit fully.

It is worth it!