Goddess Self

I have been experimenting with automatic writing and this morning the words “goddess self, goddess self, goddess self…” kept playing in my head. So I sat down to type and this is what has come through. Perhaps there is something in this for you.

Goddess Self

The power of the Goddess is always running through the body, all the meridians and energy centres. Embrace the power of the Goddess, call upon it and let it move through you. Be still, set an intention and allow.

It is not something that you need to deserve, it is not anything special or unreachable. It is you, as you were made. It is part of you. It is not separate. It is an integral part of your being. Let that energy circulate within you and through you. It will find its way if you allow it.

Your power is in your Goddess energy and it is unlimited. It is birthing your reality from within, from this powerful energy that created the world. Let power of creation move through you. It is right there with you. It is not outside of you.

Let go of your stories. Let go of your silly beliefs about not being enough, not doing enough.

Be still.
Be silent and let it come through from within.
It is right there.

Your body, your brain, it is all made of this magical power, this magical energy that creates all that you see around you. Open your heart and your mind to this powerful truth. This is what you were born to do. You were born to create. Your heart and your mind have an enormous creative capacity. Interlocking the energy of your heart with the power of your mind will move the denser realities and will open up a window of possibility, of pure creative potential. It is out of this space that the new world will be born. Feel into this space of limitless potential. It is right there. It is within you if only you listened and allowed yourself to feel into it.

The energy is circulating between the heart and the brain. Tune into this rhythm. It has it’s own momentum. Don’t check out. Bring your consciousness back in. Into your body, into your energy field. Be present with the energy that is arising within you. It will speak to you if you allow it. It is the momentum of your soul moving through you. That spirit part of you that is unseen but is deeply felt and acknowledged. You are never disconnected. It is right there within you. Just allow it. Allow it in this moment. Feel into this power.

You are not doing it alone. You are connected to all that is and to the blueprint of the entire Universe. And you know it is not just words because you’ve felt it. You know it deep inside yourself. You have always known that and you were afraid of it. It is time to let the guards down and let it move through you. That Goddess energy of creation, of All That Is. You’ve been on this journey for a while and have had glimpses of what is possible. It is time now to let go of limitations and step into this energy, step into this power. It is time to create. And you know that. You know. Allow it. Move with it. Feel it. Let it move through you. Let it express through you, through your physical body.

Why are you still doubting yourself if the feeling is so obvious to you? Why are you not trusting? What is stopping you from allowing this creation? It is ready to move through you. You are ready. You have always been. You have not allowed that until now.

What is holding you back? Sit with it. Look at it. Understand this is not who you are. You are truly unlimited. The created and the creator. You embody the Goddess energy with every cell of your being. With every vibration of your frequency, which you call thought, you are expressing your Goddess energy. It is not separate from you. It is right here, governing every movement of every cell in your physical body. So why are you doubting? Your body, your life is a miracle of creation. Although a miracle is only meaningful from your physical self point of you. From your Goddess Self, there is nothing miraculous about expressing who you are. Because you simply cannot stop that stream of energy, the Goddess power that is you. It’s very deeply ingrained in the core of your being, of who you truly are.